Ran Slavin [ b.Jerusalem 1967 lives in Tel Aviv], a conceptual artist, works with various forms of audio and video, making use of the interaction between cinema, digital and acoustic music and paint. He's active in the world's music and contemporary art scenes, and has created a multifaceted opus that is deeply urban, dark and often surreal. His sound process and electro acoustic manipulations, often based on guitar and piano. His films, which are considered to be a real exploration of the potential of audiovisual expressiveness, are based on elements such like color or the speed of images in a sort of visual and acoustic stream of consciousness. For his particular creations, Slavin also created a program to control images and audio in real time: a platform in which sound and images are are juxtaposed in a flow of images, shapes and surfaces.

Turbulences Vidéo #60 consacre un Portrait d'Artiste complet à Ran Slavin.

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